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Technogel Mattress – No other mattress like it

Before you consider any other mattress, you MUST try Technogel ®

There is no other mattress like it!

Technogel ®

Technogel is a unique ‘soft-solid’ material that is cool to the touch and moulds like liquid. Technogel was first developed for the medical field as a pressure relieving material. It is now used in a wide range of applications, exploiting the exceptional comfort level it can provide.

Technogel ® Mattress

To include Technogel in a mattress is one of the most natural applications for this unique material. It moulds to your body, provides ergonomic support and with its cooling gel and exceptional pressure relief it delivers unrivalled quality in sleep. The Technogel mattress is single-handedly redefining sleep quality.

To experience the comfort of the Technogel Mattress, try it at our flagship store


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Below are a few of the great benefits of the Technogel mattress.

  • Cooling Gel
  • On average 2°C cooler vs. other mattresses
  • VAT Exemption, when bought for medical condition
  • Castellated foam for pressure relief
  • 3 dimensional moulding
  • Ergonomic Support
  • Hypo-Allergenic and washable covers
  • Customisable with summer and winter covers
  • Water resistant
  • 20 years warranty

Technogel Info and Prices

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Technogel Info and Prices

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