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Muvman – Active Sitting

What is Active Sitting?

Actually, quite logical: hours of rigid sitting make you ill. At least it makes practically everybody's back ache. Standing all the time is not really an alternative either. It is much better to put movement and change into sitting.
The muvman tilts forward so that you always sit at an optimum distance to your working surface – regardless of your height and physique.
Sitting in motion and always keeping your balance on an intelligent seat that makes sure that you are always sitting comfortably on a stable foot in a maximised height adjustment range of 33 cm.
Uncompromisingly good!

Swopper Muvman Chair £ 359.00

The Muvman is a fantastic adjustable height chair/perch stool that gently tilts as you move.
The seat itself is formed from integral foam with Flexone technology.