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Mobiliser - Hire/Buy? How to purchase

Why Hire?

Hire is the right choice if you are uncertain about how long you will need the Mobiliser.

Perhaps it will only take a month or so to remove your pain? Perhaps you need help for a particular sport event? In either case £40 a week for hire is very good value ... Less than £2 per full body treatment. (even less if you share the hire with a family member)

Most Mobilisers leave us on hire terms, but more than half later choose to buy a new one. It's a low risk way to try the mobiliser (although you can of course save money by buying one up front).

If you hire a mobiliser you pay us a deposit and we take the rental from this before returning the balance. We include in the hire a number of extra services which will greatly enhance your experience. These are detailed below.


Deposit - £1500 held by us as security. Normal wear and tear is included in hire cost but accidental damage is extra.

Hirer agrees: that extra rent or damage can be deducted from deposit on return of system. Damage and loss is responsibility of hirer. Insurance is sometimes in force if payment is by credit card.

Please note - rebate for treatment excludes any other offers associated with the Mobiliser.

Delivery and collection charge is £30 each way (UK Mainland only).

Why Buy?

Most Mobiliser users know straight away that they would like to own one... two things stop them... Can they afford it and would they go on using it?

In either case the right solution might be to hire one first... check out how much it helps... maybe check the bank balance! However, lets be honest, if you've suffered back pain for years or if you miss feeling young, you'll want to go on using the Mobiliser for a long time... owning a new one is very tempting.

Outright purchase can be arranged on delayed payments which is actually cheaper month by month than hiring.
Outright purchase is £3299 (typically VAT Zero Rated ... conditions apply)

We’d suggest you choose purchase if you will be using the Mobiliser for ongoing fitness and health promotion. (many people use the Mobiliser to increase their suppleness despite age catching up! Some say it boosts immune system and they experience fewer coughs and colds etc.)

Purchase is also the best financial option if you are targeting the symptoms of a serious condition that will take a long time to clear (examples would be some persistent back injuries or arthritis where symptoms may be removed but the underlying condition remains.)


The Mobiliser is VAT exempt for chronic injuries

Back in Action Mobiliser System v4 £ 3,299.00

Exceptional reliability: Free 5yr Guarantee for home use

Assumes vat zero rated for health reasons.*
If you are currently hiring and you would like to convert to buying a Mobiliser v4 we will discount your net hire charges by 25% against purchase of a new Mobiliser.

Stock Status: No Stock - stock due soon

Purchase of Ex-hire Mobiliser (with 1yr warranty) £ 2,199.00

(with 1yr guarantee)

Assumes vat zero rated for health reasons.
Mobilisers have a very long life, so we rarely sell any of our hire fleet. Used units will have completed two years hire. A small deposit can place you on the waiting list. (We'll call to arrange.) Please note there is no rental rebate available for ex-hire purchase.

Stock Status: No Stock - stock due soon
One month hire of Mobiliser £ 199.00

Choose Monthly hire and consultancy to restore balanced body movement after a fairly recent event:- to prepare for a sport event, or to assess before purchase.
NB: If you've been stiff and in pain and poor posture for years our 4 month hire and consultancy, or deferred purchase, is better value. All come with a package of valuable extras detailed below. (Adding to basket records first month's charge: we will contact you regarding a security deposit.)

Money-saver ... If you can commit up front to 4 months then do choose the 4 for 3 option (below). For clarity ... Monthly hire cannot be changed to 4 monthly hire after starting. NB: 25% rental rebate applies if buying a new Mobiliser when retuning a hire unit.

Stop Press: We've increased our hire fleet to offer even quicker delivery.

Four months hire of Mobiliser RRP£ 718.80 £ 597.00

Choose our 4 months + hire starter package and get “four for the price of three”. This option or purchase is best if you are trying to beat a significant amount of pain that has persisted for some years (and may take time to resolve). After four months you may renew, or go to monthly, or hopefully return it full of the joys of spring!

Full support package as per one month and purchase; see below. Do consider the deferred purchase option too.

What else do you get when you hire or buy?

Initial discussion
By telephone or email about suitability for your needs.

Detailed Instruction Book
With contributions from Dr Lady Ann Redgrave, Doctor to the Olympic Rowing team for ten years.

Ongoing Consultancy
Superb online, interactive consultancy system which enables users to discuss their experience, and request expertise. Questions are answered by skilled staff and medics. Contact with other Mobiliser users optional.

Treatment insurance
We are so confident that Mobiliser users will recover quickly from recent injuries that we will reimburse for treatment if you decide this would speed up your healing. We will pay up to £50 per month towards such treatment during for the first year of Mobiliser ownership ( Max 6; please fax or post receipts).

Training at our centres
Call in by appointment and we'll train you in basic and advanced techniques.

Regular newsletter
The newsletter looks at improvements users experience and techniques they have developed. New research in back care and fitness. (optional)