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Mobiliser Overview – Latest News

Mobiliser wins world's most famous car race: Le Mans 24hr

Le Mans 24 hour race winner credits back Mobiliser in success

Professional racing driver, David Brabham, who made history on Sunday 14 June when winning the overall Le Mans 24 Hours race and taking the LMP1 category for Team Peugeot Total has credited the Mobiliser, a unique postural correction and back massaging mattress with contributing to his success.

This was Brabham's first outright victory at Le Mans – the endurance race having become something of a speciality for this driver during his 26 year-long racing career.

At 43, however, Brabham is on the verge of being regarded as a veteran in motorsport and, with others in the race nearly 20 years his junior, it is imperative that he keeps on top form.

And, such events mean that Brabham is often driving for over two hours at a time with limited rest periods during races for his mind and body to recover.

Brabham explains, “The G-forces you'll experience when driving can be quite high – 3-4G in a corner, 3.5G when braking – and you get beaten up quite a lot. The road surfaces in the USA are not as smooth as Europe and the bumps certainly give your body a pounding.”

Drivers therefore incorporate fitness training to help combat these problems and accustom the mind and body to working accurately even when heart rate is high but, years of wear and tear has meant Brabham's body – and back in particular – can't tolerate many traditional exercises.

Brabham says, “Though I regularly utilise the medical expertise of the team – we have massage, chiropractors and physiotherapists available – my back was playing up and I began to think how I might be able to improve the situation.”

Recalling trialling The Mobiliser at a Back In Action store, Brabham says, “Because my body is conditioned, I remembered how having initially felt like a piece of stiff board but that the Mobiliser relaxed my muscles, and I could feel my back pop into place, so I felt a positive effect straight away after the 15minute standard programme.”

Using the Mobiliser twice a day in the build up to Le Mans, Brabham says, “The Mobiliser helped with my training because it would sort my back out, enabling me to train better and therefore my back became both stronger and less of a problem over time.”

However, Brabham found a secondary, meditative, benefit to the Mobiliser too, explaining, “Sometimes I would feel my back fall in to place after one minute or five minutes and I felt I could just finish the 15minute programme early but, I found if I stayed on to the end my body felt more complete and I felt more in tune with my body.”

Such an effect could give a driver the edge in a race, where Brabham says, “Concentration is entwined with fitness.  If you lose touch with sensations and feedback from the car you could make a mistake that could cost you seconds or cause injury to the car or yourself.”

He adds, “I like to be in tune with my body as that is where I get my information from. If you are stressed and uptight you generally don't listen to your body properly or pick up on things that you don't need but for me the Mobiliser helps give me clarity of thought – for whatever I am doing.”

During the Le Mans 24 hours race itself, Brabham had the portable Mobiliser set up in the Team Peugeot Total base – set up like a mini hotel – and would lie on it before and after driving.

Brabham says, “The Mobiliser put me in a quieter state of mind before and after driving and my muscles would go from feeling tense and inflexible to like jelly after the 15 minute session.”

Today, as Brabham returns to compete in the American Le Mans Series, the Mobiliser accompanies him for twice daily sessions and though he holds significant secret information of Peugeot and Acura pit stops, the use of the Mobiliser is something he is willing to share.

Brabham says, “The Mobiliser really helped my body to maintain peak performance throughout Le Mans on my way to taking victory at historically the biggest race in the World. It seems to me that the Mobiliser could help people whatever their sport/fitness level to achieve greater flexibility in body and in mind.”

He adds, “I'm a professional driver so I've got to be on top of the game.  If at 43, you are fast, they'll want you – but as soon as you slow down you'll be written off.”

Fast, Brabham is though modest too.

Over the past two years he's notched up some significant wins for Patrón Highcroft Racing to whom he is under contract to race the Acura in the American Le Mans Series such hat, www.speedtv.com voted Brabham the second fastest sportscar driver in the World on the eve of the classic Le Mans race held in France.


Mobiliser helps run London Marathon for woman with M.E.

Mobiliser motivates ME sufferer to complete Flora London Marathon

Karen Roach's remarkable story to complete the 2009 Flora London Marathon less than 18 months after being diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalopathy (ME) is down, in part, to the inclusion of a mobilising, massaging mattress called the Mobiliser into her lifestyle.

Karen, 42, from Colnbrook in Berkshire, explains, “When I contracted ME after a virus, I had to change my lifestyle - learn to pace myself and listen to my body - but I needed help to do so. At my local Action4ME meeting, the Mobiliser from Back In Action was recommended to me.”

ME can have both a physical and psychological impact on a sufferer's life, and the Mobiliser helps to address both aspects.

In Karen's case, the dopamine and endorphins released when exercising help prevent the physiological, chronic fatigue element of her ME from taking effect – thus aiding her body to learn to overcome the condition.

And, of the psychological side, Karen explains, “Just having ME can stress you out. You become anxious when you feel bad when you wake up, thinking you won't be able to get to work that day, but lying on the Mobiliser for 15 minutes relaxes me, motivates me and I feel I can get up and do anything - I even feel I run better after using it.”

Whereas most massage systems stimulate muscle groups and leave the joints static, the Mobiliser applies continuous motion to the joints of the back.

It also gives a deep penetrating 'Shiatsu' massage to the muscle groups on either side of the spine from the neck to the base of the spine and to the upper and lower leg muscles.

Users can create their own programme, targeting specific areas or opting to employ the carbon-heating section to aid relaxation and stimulate blood flow.

Karen says, “After a run, I vary the program to around seven minutes on my whole body and eight minutes on my lower body (legs) with weights on my thighs and ankles for a deeper penetration into the muscle.”

Keeping her usual regime, Karen was able to not just complete the marathon in 5hr30min but to return to work the next day saying, “I found it very effective and would not have been at work the next day if not for the help of the Mobiliser.”

Friends and strangers in the crowd helped Karen run right the way to the finish line too.

Karen says, “Action4ME provided me with so much information and support that I'm proud to have run for the charity”, adding, “When I was diagnosed I with ME I was literally too tired to move, let alone do the housework, hold down a full-time job or go for a jog, so when my doctor advised exercise, I thought she was crazy but during the Marathon I wore a wore a T-shirt inviting people to ask me how I've achieved this – and my answer remains, with the help of the Mobiliser.”



Mobiliser helps 82 yr old Surgeon to walk freely again

Chronic back ache is one of the most common ailments that men and women suffer from. There are many causes and, often, diagnosis is difficult and treatment unsuccessful. Sufferers who have not been cured by orthodox medicine will often seek help from alternative treatments, with varying success.

I have had a long-standing, progressive problem with my back and was told, after an MRI scan, that the discs of cartilage between the bony vertebrae in the lower part of my spine had become compressed. I lost about five inches in height, found that bending was very painful and difficult, and walking became uncomfortable. I became used to a life of chronic back ache, which is very debilitating. Physiotherapy, massage and manipulation produced slight, but temperorary, relief. I tried acupuncture without success.

A friend with a similar complaint told me about what he considered to be a marvelous piece of equipment, The Mobiliser from a company called Back In Action, which had significantly helped ease his back problem. On his very strong recommendation, I decided to buy one.

The electrically powered Mobiliser looks like a narrow plastic mattress. It has to be laid on a firm surface, and you simply lie (face up) on it for a 15 minute treatment, and let it do the work. There are two rollers that move up and down from your feet to the neck and base of your head. One or two treatments per day are recommended. It feels a little strange for the first time, but you soon get used to the sensation.

Despite being a little skeptical that this machine could help me, I experienced positive results very quickly. I now have very little back pain, my legs feel stronger, and walking is easier. Though bending over is still a problem for me, it is not as uncomfortable as before. My family tell me that I have a more upright stance than they have seen for some years! For me, it has had very positive benefits, and I enjoy my daily treatments on The Mobiliser.

I must advise readers that I am not a specialist in back or orthopaedic problems, and I would recommend that you seek advice from your general practitioner before you use The Mobiliser.

William O'Sullivan MD, FRCS, FRCOG


From football...

“The Mobiliser made a measureable difference to the performance of our players in just three weeks. And its in daily use now and allows me as club physio to serve the club and players better while preserving my hands for a long career.
The cost is easily justifiable and extremely good value even on the tightest of clubs medical budgets!
I expected to see increased flexibility and decreased after match reaction, but if anything I'm even more pleased with the improvements in players stamina and vitality on the pitch, (although as yet this has not yet been objectively tested).

Having tested the Mobiliser originally with two players Kevin Gallen and Keith Keane the change has been very marked and the Mobiliser is now used by most players and even travels with us to away games for hotel use. The players would be devastated to lose it.
In my view several mobilisers should be in every club, with units on site for pre and post match work with many players, and taken as we do in the coach to away games for hotel use.

I suspect every club has one or two players that would also elevate their game and stay in the game longer if they used a Mobiliser at home each day.”

Harry Stackman, Luton physio

(PS: Luton, faced with a 30 point deduction for going broke earlier in the season and facing near certain relegation from the league, with a makeshift squad after having to make most players redundant ... recently “won the cup” at Wembley ... the one for the lower divisions ... but to them this is the world cup ... and they took a following of well over 40000 fans who have pledged support to them. We are pleased to have played a part!)


From riding...

“I've been really very surprised, after using the mobiliser I feel straighter, more supple and three inches taller than before. It reduces any stiffnesses or back pain that we otherwise learn to live with. It's very easy to use and helps me to mentally prepare myself for the day and to unwind at the end of it. I see the Mobiliser as an essential piece of kit.”

Harry Meade, one of the UK's leading three day eventers and a prospect for 2012.