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Harley Support Belt – Adjustable Back Support

Harley Support Belts provide vital support to the lower and mid back. Many of our customers will use this immediately after surgery to aid recovery and to give them added strength. The Harley Support Belts can also be used as an everyday aid, supporting your back while gardening, lifting and during sports.

With 12 months Guarantee.

Chronic Back Pain?
For those that require the support belt for chronic back pain, we suggest you visit us in store for a full spinal assessment. We provide expert advice and tips on how to beat back pain by changing the furniture you use.

Size Guide
Small –  waist 26'' - 27'' (56 - 69cm)
Medium – waist 28'' - 33'' (71 - 84cm)
Large – waist 34'' - 39'' (86 - 99cm)
X Large – waist 40'' - 45'' (102 - 114cm)

Harley Power Plus Belt RRP£ 51.49 £ 42.99

The Harley Power Plus Support Belt provides compressive support and stability to the mid and lower back, it is ideal for those that have come out of surgery. Supplied with removable protection pad, additional side pulls for extra support and addition sleeve for a heat pad (heat pad not included).

21cm at the back reducing to 15cm at the front.

Harley Universal Support Belt RRP£ 39.99 £ 32.99

The Harley Universal Support Belt is ideal for central and lower back pain. It is designed to help stabilise the hips and pelvis through compression, but without restriction of movement. It is suitable for everyday use, gardening and lifting.

The detachable side pulls provide additional support. 16cm wide.

Harley Gentle Forme Support Belt RRP£ 38.99 £ 32.99

The Harley Gentle Forme Support Belt provides gentle and flexible support and protection, whilst stabilising the hips, pelvis and spine. Its discreet slim line design make it ideal for ladies to wear discreetly under their clothing. It is ideal for use around the house and when carrying children.

Supplied with a removable protection pad.

20cm wide at the back reducing to 13cm at the front.