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Desk Slopes Reading, wrtting & documents

For users frequently alternating between writing, typing and reading, these desk slopes are the perfect addition to your workstation. In essence they create a moving work-surface that easily slides to the position you need. The angle can be adjusted to suit both reading and writing.

FlexDesk 630 Worktop £ 125.00

Perfect for combining reading, writting and typing. Gain easy access to the keyboard by sliding documents up, then sliding them down for reading and writing.

  • Dimensions (Packed) (H x W x L): 145 x 546 x 385
  • Dimensions (Un-Packed) (H x W x L): 109 x 508 x 376
  • Dimensions Of The Product Set Up At The Highest Position: 182  x 508 x 358
  • Weight (Packed): 2.9kg
  • Weight (Un-Packed): 2.2kg
  • Height Adjustment Range: 109mm-182mm
Stock Status: No Stock - stock due soon

Clear Slope Pro £ 119.00

The Clear Slope Pro is a multi functional copy holder, reading and writing slope.
With 13 angle adjustments you will be sure to find a comfortable position, no matter what the task.

  • Document Holder
  • Adjustable Reading and Writing Slope
  • 13 Levels of adjustment
  • 13 Angles from 8-55 degrees


Stock Status: No Stock - stock due soon

U Slope Pro £ 119.00

Multi-functional, multi-adjustable reading and writing slope.


  • Document, book and file holder
  • Adjustable reading and writing slope
  • Powerful magnet
  • 13 angles adjustments from 8-55 degrees


Stock Status: No Stock - stock due soon