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Desk Raisers Extra Desk Height

Do you suffer from back pain at work?
or come home with stiff and tense muscles?

There are 2 areas you should look at:

  1. your office chair - Does it encourage movement to keep your core muscles and joints active throughout the day?
  2. is you desk at the right height for you? - too low or high and you'll slouch and over-strech when typing and without correction can cause you long term back problems.

For those that are suffering from back pain at work, we will always encourage the purchase of a sit-stand desk and an ergonomic designed office chair, this combination offers the best ergomonic seating solution, and can restore strength and movements to stiff joints and muscels.

But for a temporary quick fix, these desk raisers can raise your desk up to right height for you to work comfortably without over streching or slouching to type and use the mouse.

Plastic Desk Raisers - Set of 4 £ 18.00

Circular Black Plastic Desk Raisers - Set of 4
Each Desk Raiser raises the desk by 28mm
We recommend a maximum of 4 Desk Raisers on each leg
90mm Diameter.

Stock Status: No Stock - stock due soon