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Aerosleep – Sleep Cooler

How can AeroSleep help you have a good night's sleep?

AeroSleep has created a milestone in the world of sleep comfort. Everyone likes to sleep comfortably without lying awake for long periods or waking up during the night feeling overheated.  For many the temperature during sleep can become unbearably hot causing, excessive sweating and, uncomfortably clammy sheets. Having a good night's sleep remains a dream for many sleepers.
AeroSleep can help to keep body temperature better under control and prevents night sweats. Thanks to its unique technology, an AeroSleep mattress cover can bear more than 2,000 kg.

In our staff tests one user said: "It has done two things, 1) it has made the mattress very slightly firmer in hot weather and I find this more comfortable. 2) it has almost eliminated the feeling of heat coming back off the mattress in hot weather. This isn't to say that I don't feel warm in the hot nights, I would always expect that, but I certainly don't wake up feeling heat from all directions.
All in all I think it works well."

The body does not come into contact with the mattress at all. Air can therefore circulate freely under the skin. Excessive body heat is released and fresh, ambient air brought in. In this way, sweat evaporates allowing you to enjoy spring-fresh bed linen. This is good news as the average person excretes half to one litre of moisture per night. Those who sweat easily know how this can have a negative effect on sleep quality and what a pleasure it is to wake from a night of rejuvenating, uninterrupted sleep.

  • Breathable
  • Anti-Dustmite
  • Washable


AeroSleep Original RRP£ 86.00 £ 59.00

Excellent value for money. Original AeroSleep Mattress Cover.
Regulates body temperature.