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3Dee – Active Office Chair

The new 3Dee office chair provides truly dynamic seating. As its name suggests the 3Dee offers unrivalled seat movement; with 360° seat tilt and up to 10cm seat bounce. The result is an office chair that continually adjusts and follows you body's movements, engaging core muscles and maintaining better posture.


Dynamic in Every Detail

Active: Dynamic sitting stimulates your circulation, increasing your productivity and performance. The frequent changes in posture help to strengthen your back muscles and spine.

Relaxing: The ergonomically designed backrest and adjustable lumbar support naturally moulds to the shape of back. It provides support but doesn't restrict your freedom of movement.

Well-designed and healthy: The intelligently designed seat is slightly convex and is equipped with flexzone ® technology. This ensures an optimum fit without pressure points. The breathable foam provides support and a healthy seat climate.

High-Tech: The patented Swopper-Technology ® encourages and supports frequent changes in sitting position and dynamic 360° movement. The 3Dee adapts to the movements of the sitter, maintaining good posture – even when the sitter leans towards the desk.

The 3Dee is avaliable in 5 colours and a premium leather. It comes with the black frame as standard, and a polished aluminium version is available as an optional extra; call us for details.

3Dee £ 805.00

3Dee by Aeris - Active Office Chair - with 360° seat tilt.
Ideal for keeping moving and active while sitting.

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